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EPISODE 48: Consistent Communication For Consistent Results

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As a follow up from our recent webinar, I brought in Dr Daniel Daniel to answer some of the burning questions that many dentists have in mind right now.

The questions and answers we talk about on this episode are going to shed new light to your practice as you prepare to open your office once this quarantine is over. You need to be prepared once your clients start to pile up in your office by taking care of the things that will strengthen the bond between you and your clients.

Join us today as we discuss the different phase that's involved before you consider opening your practice. Listen to relevant insights shared by Dr. Daniel Daniel that will be beneficial for you, your team, and your clients.

Consider this a preview of how your practice is going to be when you open up once COVID 19 is over.

Topics discussed in today’s episode:

  1. [0:03:30] The theory behind that is we don't want to bring in a lot of people who don't have immediate dental needs in the beginning and jam up the office for those that require serious or need to be seen sooner than later.
  2. [0:05:37] We can't just open up the doors, turn on the lights and people are coming in. We're talking about divided rooms, we're talking about sometimes some rooms might need 20 minutes to turn over, some rooms may need two hours to turn over and that really is going to depend on very specifically your office
  3. [0:06:06] It's understanding your patient clientele and understanding your office, your unique office, which is different than everyone else's office.
  4. [0:07:42] So what we're supposed to be concerned about mainly is protection and safety. Safety for our patients, safety for our team, and safety for ourselves.
  5. [0:10:19] I also think the vaccine is going to be also a milestone. I think that's going to be phased in, vaccine for front line probably professionals and then vaccines for the public, our patients included.
  6. [0:10:46] We have the dentist, we have the person that's trying to provide care to our patients, trying to provide protection to our patients, to our teams, to ourselves and our family. So that's where our heads are going to be at post COVID opening.
  7. [0:11:31] Those guidelines themselves or any variation of them are really going to limit our ability to practice. They're going to limit patients in the reception or waiting room. They're going to limit how many doctors can be opening or how many rooms we could be having.
  8. [0:14:52] We're still going to need our auxiliaries, but they may not be doing dental procedures, hygienists and assistants might actually not be interfacing with patients, but I think we're going to need them in the backend doing a bunch of other stuff to support those that are front facing.
  9. [0:15:54] Use a phased reopening approach. So we're not carrying the burden of bringing all the team back, and the financial responsibility, and they also understand too that this is not just hey, I'm the dentist and I've decided that I don't want you guys to work.
  10. [0:17:44] There's no such thing as a simple answer to a complex problem. This is a highly complex problem. There's no such thing as a simple answer. This has got to be thought through, tested, and it's the most painful thing in the world.
  11. [0:21:08] When our production is less or substantially less than normal, we dentists could be facing into a negative cashflow situation, where we're opening and our expenses have gone up.
  12. [0:24:43] My analogy of dentists and military people. A military is run very systematically. If there's chaos in the military, it falls apart. Dental offices are no different. We are so systematic.
  13. [0:30:38] They will appreciate the explanation, they'll appreciate knowing you're looking after their safety, but you have to prepare them for the difference when they come in, to understand that they can't bring their family with them and into the operatory.
  14. [0:31:25] Do all your role-playing with your team so you understand from the inside out what that's like, but then you have to convey the outside in experience to your patients before they come in so they know what to prepare.
  15. [0:35:34] Lean on your team, distribute some of the stress, some of this problem solving, some of these challenges out to everybody, because the more the team connects with you, connects with the practice and starts solving the problems for themselves, the patients, and the practice, the more they're going to be involved in their work.
  16. [0:56:28] For me it's just come in with the best of intention, use integrity, stay high on integrity and communicate. Communication is always the best solution whenever there's a complex problem presented in front of us.
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