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What are you doing today that prepares you once this global pandemic is over? Know that the decisions you do today matters. It will determine the success of your practice once CoVid-19 is gone.

Today, we’re joined by Dan Pisek, the Co-founder and President of Full Contact Marketing. He’s been marketing for Canadian dentist for 19 years.

Join us as we dissect the key elements that will make your practice afloat during this situation. Dan also shares his step-by-step process on how you can engage with your target audience, so you’re top of mind whenever they’re looking for a new dental office in their area.

With or without Covid-19, these are the things that you should be doing for your practice right now.

Topics discussed in today’s episode:

  1. [0:01:58] Working 12-month marketing action plans, where we've got some set goals, some set targets towards helping them build, helping grow dental practices over that period.
  2. [0:05:08] We've created a marketing scorecard, if you will. It's 10 questions that we take the client through, hitting on what we think are the key components of a successful marketing effort.
  3. [0:09:22] If the entire team isn't engaged and we don't have a high level of communication, then it doesn't matter what marketing you do, you're handicapped before you start.
  4. [0:10:23] These are dental practices where the first order of business is healthcare, and trying to adjust them into a marketing mindset, a business growth mindset.
  5. [0:11:21] You have six seconds to engage someone, to make that great first impression, make them want to learn a little bit more about you
  6. [0:18:41] It takes a minimum number of exposures for someone to finally get off their butt and make a phone call and join your practice, so the more you can follow up, the better
  7. [0:19:58] Messaging is really, really important, and I think a lot of times, kind of gets overlooked or shortchanged.
  8. [0:22:50] all these different marketing strategies are all instruments. For you to have your best result, to create the best song, the best tune at the end of it, is about having all the instruments aligned, working in harmony, working well together.
  9. [0:25:12] Video is your opportunity for someone to meet you, for you to make your statement right out of the gate about who you are.
  10. [0:30:51] Those offices that are doing nothing and just waiting for this to go. When the light does go green, I think they're going to be standing there flat-footed going, "Okay, now what?"
  11. [0:33:25] It's going to be winners and losers coming out of this. And the winners are going to be those who kept their team engaged
  12. [0:38:47] The right message. That's the key piece because the last thing you want as far as your brand goes right now is to be someone who's trying to take advantage of this timeline, so let's come out there.
  13. [0:39:51] All of the key business people that you have around you, there needs to be good chemistry, a good dynamic working for you, so usually it's that initial call that helps establish that.
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