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Show Notes


Topics discussed in today’s episode:

  1. (0:02:21) What is the doctrine of "frustration" at law and why is it so important right now?
  2. (0:08:26) If I can't recall some of my staff, what do I owe them?
  3. (0:14:46) Do I have to pay attention to seniority when recalling staff if I can't recall them all?
  4. (0:17:10) What exactly is a "constructive dismissal"? How does it differ from an ordinary wrongful dismissal?
  5. (0:23:35) Is this a good time to get contracts/policies with staff?
  6. (0:27:14) What happens if my employee says they don't want to work because they feel unsafe?
  7. (0:30:45) The new guidelines on re-opening are going to make it challenging to bring back all my staff without very significant changes. Can I make changes to staff hours of work or compensation?
  8. (0:32:25) What if I try to transition staff to good, written contracts and policies but one of my employees says, "no"?
  9. (0:37:05) Would you recommend dentists register with WSIB in light of the pandemic?
  10. (0:36:34) The RCDSO has come out with guidelines for re-opening. What implications do they have for IPAC programs?
  11. (0:43:40) What effect do you think all of this will have on practice sales?

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