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Show Notes

Why you need to listen to this episode:

  • You will understand how you can shift from me, myself mindset to a role model mindset.
  • You will learn how to overcome fear and how you can move forward with your goals.
  • You will understand where your fear is coming from.
  • You will know how you can continue to grow your business and be the role model that everybody needs right now.
  • How you can be conscious to avoid negative emotions that will disrupt your present situation.

The world is in chaos right now because of three things: Fear of loss, fear of the unknown and fear of difficulty, which can be especially disastrous when you hold a position or if you're leading a group of people.

Are you feeling the same way?

Tune in today, this episode is a quick primer on Leading Through Fear and Chaos.

I wanted to get this out to encourage you to have the right mindset given the current situation that all of us are experiencing right now.

And from here on forward I'm going to build a multi-part series where we're going to start digging about fear and chaos. And develop a step by step tactical approach on how we get through this together and create the best team, the best culture, the best practice that we can.

So we can all position ourselves for success right out of the gate when this pandemic is over.

Topics discussed in today’s episode:

  1. [0:01:06] It’s easy to get pulled into it and that's the big thing that I want to deal with today. It can cause a ton of stress, especially if we start playing out worst case scenarios or getting overly caught up in the media.
  2. [0:01:19] The big thing I want to put on the table here is, the overriding principle. Whenever stressful, anxious times, scary times of any kind come into our reality, the mindset shift is, if you move away from me, myself, thinking selfishly to a role model mindset.
  3. [0:02:07] Everything can be going on around you and the media can be trying to panic everyone and people can be legitimately panicking. But, I want you to make the choice to be a role model and to be calm in the storm.
  4. [0:02:41] You could feed into it and you can keep it moving, you can add momentum to the chaos or you could choose to be that role model to be that calm spot in the chaos.
  5. [0:03:48] You're not going to allow your emotions to be dictated by external forces. When you avoid that, which must be dealt with, you are sabotaging yourself. So if you can choose your emotional tone, you choose how you're going to respond to things and you're making a conscious choice, then you've got a totally different outlook, right out of the gate.
  6. [0:08:47] What do most people do? They grab their phone and hit refresh, refresh, refresh, refresh all day. So don't play into that because this drags down your emotional energy. It drags you into fear and doubt. It breaks down your confidence and this is going to completely paralyze your ability to do anything useful.
  7. [0:09:40] Do not play into the panic and the fear that everyone else is living right now when they're just glued to their phone all the time.
  8. [0:10:46] So if you're seeing negative things, it's going to cause you to feel negative emotions and that's going to cause this downward spiral that you're not going to recover from.
  9. [0:11:38] So if you let the chaos around you get in, it breeds chaos on the inside and then you become chaotic between your ears and then you are not able to do any of the things that we need to do when this kind of stuff arises. You're not going to maintain your center, you're not going to be growing yourself and your business in these times. You're not going to be able to serve the people around you.
  10. [0:13:13] If you start to minimize or get rid of the things that are constantly weighing down your mind and your emotional state, then your circle of influence will grow and you'll start to become more confident and more capable and have influence over greater things.
  11. [0:14:54] When you get into the what if scenarios and you start catastrophizing, then all you do is create this reality, this alter reality in your mind, that is 10 times worse than what's actually going to happen.
  12. [0:16:48] So I want you to look at this analytically and say, "Okay, these are the things that are happening but I am not getting emotional about it." And, it's not going to affect your state if you don't let the emotional charge happen. That's the key right there.
  13. [0:17:57] If you speak positively, you can release dopamine, serotonin. If you speak negatively, you're releasing cortisol. So good hormones or bad hormones and it's just the tone of voice.
  14. [0:19:30] A great way to check yourself against your present state is, how much learning are you doing right now versus how much consuming you are doing right now.
  15. [0:22:21] I set out my vision and I worked like hell to get there and not only did I practice again, but I tripled my practice in three years, built a huge practice and created a whole lot of things I didn't have back then. Including, being in the best physical shape I've ever been in and changing all of my key vision areas.
  16. [0:24:20] Visualize it vividly, clearly, crisply, feel it. And, if you do that, it will change everything because every day you start your day with the things that you want to achieve in your life. What happens is, then your brain starts paying attention to those things. And, when those opportunities cross your plate, they present themselves, you're ready and you don't miss them.
  17. [0:26:06] Stick to your plan, stick to your routines, stick to your goals, focus on things in your business that drive growth. Really focus on executing those things with excellence right now. This is something that is absolutely critical when things are getting a little hairy, getting a little underwater.


Shareable quotes from this episode

" If you could be that calm spot in the storm, you are going to serve people at such a higher level."

" A role model faces reality and choose how to set his emotional tone."

" The only way really to address this situation is to deal with the things you have to deal with but you must deal with them in a calm manner."

" What you do creates an emotional or physical response."

" You've got to stick to your routine. You've got to maintain your balance."

" How you start your day is how you're going to end your day."

" Do not play into the panic and the fear that everyone else is living right now"

" Every time you put something into your mind, it has an emotional connection, an emotional result."

" You can only control what you can control."

" You can analyze and describe your present reality without the anxiety."

" The other side of fear of loss is courage."

" Play to win with the hand you are dealt."


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