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Why you need to listen to this episode:

  • You will discover how to leverage Practice ZEBRA
  • Understand the importance of analyzing data
  • Find out the advantage of understanding the right marketing approach both offline and online
  • Learn practical strategies that will help grow your practice exponentially

  • Summary

    Many dentists are now on the lookout for new ways that will bring new clients into their office. Because these dentists know that the landscape of the business is changing, and it’s changing so fast.

    Highlighting Patient News, with their advanced and innovative integrated software solution, Practice Zebra, that connects practice and marketing intelligence to improve practice performance at every phase of the patient journey.

    In this episode, Wayne Lavery shares how he helps his clients develop some strategic and data driven approach that can help you attract new dental patients and improve your overall dental marketing strategy that delivers great results.

    Topics discussed in today’s episode:

    1. [0:02:29] When we start working with a client, one of the things we'll do is geoplot their existing patient list. To determine exactly where their patients are coming from. It’s also giving us an idea as to what the competitive environment is surrounding the practice. When we look at the number of dentists in the competing area, in combination with the population density, and number of other factors. We have considerable experience as to what drives results, offers strategies, the content.
    2. [0:03:50] We now have Practice ZEBRA business intelligence tool that tells us right down to the dollar what patients are generating.
    3. [0:06:21] One of the things that we track in Practice ZEBRA is also call answer and call conversion rates. These can have a huge impact on an individual campaign.
    4. [0:07:00] The average dentist is working with a marketing budget of 50,000 to 100,000 dollars a year. So you really need to make sure that you're getting the value for your investments in marketing.
    5. [0:11:38] The calls that we're tracking might only be 30, 40% of the total incoming calls. We have the ability to apply that metric to your entire monthly new patient generation and say if you had increased to a 90% call answer rate and an 80% conversion rate, that 120 new patients that you generated, would be potentially 160 or 170 new patients.
    6. [0:13:18] We know that direct mail and building brand awareness within your competitive area is going to be closely linked to your web traffic. It's just the way the consumer journey is working right now. It's not the way it was even three or four years ago.
    7. [0:15:54] So even if they're not your patients, you're getting your name out there, you're educating them, you're building trust with those individuals. So when they are finally picking up the phone and calling, the chances are that they're calling for a reason. They're calling because they're looking either to change providers or they've just moved into the area and they've decided to select you as their provider.
    8. [0:17:58] You’ve got to have a strategy.You've got to have a calendar. You got to have like this is our plan of attack for next year or the next 12 months. Not random acts of marketing like every time I think of something or I listen to a podcast, I'll go try that. You got to have a strategy with actual data behind it.
    9. [0:18:28] For most dentists, if you're in an urban area, that's going to be a two to three mile radius surrounding the practice. Looking at the makeup, the demographics of that area can also assist you in the channels that you'll be using and your spend. So if you have an area of a greater percentage of millennial, then your Google Ad spend, your social spend, your online spend, your authority marketing potentially will be higher than your direct mail spend.
    10. [0:21:35] When they're starting to select professional services, it's potentially not going to happen the day that they move in. It may happen in three months, it may happen in six months, but by actively marketing to them, you're going to be there and front of mind when they do make that decision.
    11. [0:25:25] You can only get so many new patients in the door, but no matter what you do, if the practice does not have a referable experience, does not have an excellent systemized practice that delivers consistent experience and people are actually wanting to refer and to go back and to leave great reviews and give the practice that social presence that it needs, that reputation and it needs, your job is 10 times more difficult.
    12. [0:31:52] When you add some fuel to those practices, they really take off and you start creating a little bit of a buzz on Facebook and the next thing you know, boom, people are just all over that practice because what's going on inside the practice has become magnetic and it makes everything that you do so much easier and more effective.


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    Shareable quotes from this episode

    • "You got to have a strategy with actual data behind it."
    • "People have to see your message at minimum seven times before there will be recognition on your brand, on your services, where you're located and keeping that consistent."
    • "You gotta play it out. You got to wait and see until the results start to happen."
    • "it doesn't take a lot to get a good ROI. It just takes getting some data, creating a strategy which is online, offline, everything inclusive and then executing on that strategy."
    • "you can double a practice by just fixing leadership systems and training."
    • "Once you've built the engine, then marketing is effectively the fuel you're adding to the engine."
    • "all of the things you would do for good marketing, you have to do in the practice as well and you've got to do them first."
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